Celebrating Life



WELCOME TO CELEBRATINGHALLOWEENANDFALL.COM community, shop and blog.  This website is one of many that was created, owned and operated by Life By Teresa. Just a happily married Webpreneur Mom of a toddler, adoptee and metastatic breast cancer survivor that has been having fun creating magic online since 2002. Thank you for joining us as we share, celebrate and inspire others.  We believe in Celebrating Life, Family and Creating Good Family Memories. Whatever needs to be done for us to process LIFE the best we can, and move on to GREATNESS, so we can create those good family memories with those we care about, that is the goal.  Thanks for joining us in this mission dedicated to LIFE and FAMILY.  Life is worth a celebration. Life is worth gift giving.

I hope you enjoy your stay. LIKE my social hangouts and join us as we try our best to be a positive light as we Learn, Grow and BE more on this Life Journey that we are all taking, doing the best we can to be the best we can. That is what we all should be doing isn’t it? It helps to have a community of like minded peeps to join you as we reach each and every milestone in life.

Take care and make it a great day peeps. I’m giving back what was given to me to help the fight against breast cancer, everything I make over on my blog Life By Teresa i’m giving back all I make to breast cancer research. You can help me reach my 2018 goals in making a difference in someone’s life by shopping online from any of our partners shops and products featured at LifeByTeresa.com. Thank you, your purchase is greatly appreciated. Happy Halloween and Fall season.